Flame-Resistant and Chemical-Splash Protection Lab Coats

By nature, laboratories are home to numerous fire hazards and, even when proper precautions are taken, accidents can and do happen. When regular clothing or lab coats that aren’t flame resistant (FR) are exposed to flame, they can ignite and burn, greatly increasing the wearer’s risk of injury. Plus, the wide variety of liquid chemicals present in labs poses a significant threat of chemical splash burns to laboratory workers.

If an accident does occur, wearing FR and chemical-splash protective lab coats provides the best chance for minimizing burn injuries — as well as avoiding lawsuits, increased insurance costs, reputation damage and loss of valuable research funding.

Workrite Uniform Lab Coats

Lab Coat Safety Innovation Webinar

Learn about the importance of FR lab coats.

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Workrite® FR lab coats are designed to offer top-quality protection, without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Made with lightweight Nomex® IIIA fabric, our flame-resistant (FR) lab coats come in styles for both men and women and are UL certified to NFPA 2112. Workrite® FR/CP™ Lab Coats are the first of their kind in that they offer simultaneous FR capabilities and chemical-splash protection (CP) while remaining comfortable and lightweight. Learn more about the Workrite FR/CP lab coats.

As with all Workrite FR clothing, a wide selection and flexible customization options are available. Plus, we are the only FR clothing brand to offer lab coats specifically designed for women — so each fit is just right.

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Workrite’s expanded line of Nomex® IIIA flame-resistant (FR) lab coats provides the same safety and comfort in the lab as our other FR lines provide in the field.


Laboratory Safety Guidelines Poster

Workrite’s Laboratory Safety Guidelines poster. 24" x 36" — Download free for your lab!

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Workrite FR/CP Technical Brief

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for laboratory workers, including safety glasses or goggles, gloves, breathing masks, and lab coats, play an important role in lab safety.

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FR Lab Coats

Flammable lab coats and regular clothing can — and will — make a dangerous situation far worse if they catch fire.

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FR/CP Lab Coats

The new FR/CP Lab Coat, featuring Westex® ShieldCXP, brings together the latest innovations in lab safety to protect wearers against multiple hazards.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we participate in numerous industry associations and standards-writing organizations, and owner of numerous trusted brands, Workrite Uniform’s expertise is backed by a steadfast commitment to superior protection and quality.