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How to Protect Your Lab From Costly Burn Injuries

Thermal and chemical burns are painful, dangerous and costly. This webinar, featuring Mark Saner, discusses the basics of fire and chemical-splash hazards in the laboratory, including how to prevent injuries by following key laboratory safety standards and ensuring your lab coats are built to provide the proper protection.

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106CH-45 - FR/CP Coverall

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Our expanded line of Flame-Resistant (FR) / Chemical-Splash Protection (CP) Safety Clothing

The Workrite FR/CP line now includes both lab coat styles for men and women, as well as our brand new, exclusive FR/CP coverall. The first of their kind, these products combine the FR protection of Nomex® IIIA fabric with Westex ShieldCXP™, a proprietary chemical-splash protective technology which is exclusively offered through Workrite Uniform Company.

Each FR/CP item offers protection against thermal hazards such as arc flash and flash fire. Each also repels small amounts of hazardous liquid chemicals and resists the penetration and wicking of inadvertent liquid chemical splashes. These chemicals include pyrophorics, acids, bases, oxidizers and corrosives, and polar organic solvents.

Whether in a laboratory or an industrial facility, improve the safety of your workers from multiple hazards with Workrite FR/CP products.

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Nomex® IIIA fabric prevents clothing ignition during short-duration thermal incidents and emergency exposure to flame.


Westex® ShieldCXP — a proprietary safety technology — repels small amounts of liquid chemicals that are either dropped or splashed onto a lab coat, preventing the penetration of and wicking of the liquids.

Chemicals that ShieldCXP is generally effective against include aqueous chemicals and mixtures, and polar organic solvents.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we participate in numerous industry associations and standards-writing organizations, and owner of numerous trusted brands, Workrite Uniform’s expertise is backed by a steadfast commitment to superior protection and quality.