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“More than 500,000 workers are employed in laboratories in the U.S.,” according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. “The laboratory environment can be a hazardous place to work. Laboratory workers are exposed to numerous…

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Next Generation Lab Coat

Hosted by our technical manager, Mark Saner — our webinar provides details on our new, multi-hazard Workrite® FR/CP Lab Coats.

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Lab Coat's Features Video

ShieldCXP Test Video

  • Ken Smith, CSHEMA
  • Jason Spruell, CSHEMA
  • Craig Merlic, UCLA


Nomex® IIIA fabric prevents clothing ignition during short-duration thermal incidents and emergency exposure to flame.


Westex® ShieldCXP — a proprietary safety technology — repels small amounts of liquid chemicals that are either dropped or splashed onto a lab coat, preventing the penetration of and wicking of the liquids.

Chemicals that ShieldCXP is generally effective against include aqueous chemicals and mixtures, and polar organic solvents.

353CH45 - Men's FR/CP Lab Coat

Featuring Nomex® IIIA fabric and Westex® ShieldCXP technology.

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354CH45 - Women's FR/CP Lab Coat

Featuring Nomex® IIIA fabric and Westex® ShieldCXP technology.

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FR/CP Lab Coats Technical Brief

As a result of the abundance of flammable and combustible liquids that exist in labs, many commonly reported lab incidents involve fire. FR lab coats can help protect the wearer against these accidents by preventing clothing ignition, which in turn minimizes the potential severity and amount of burn injury.

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Westex SheildCXP Care and Maintenance Guide

This Maintenance Guide outlines care and maintenance instructions as well as laundry limitations relative to the Workrite FR/CP Lab Coat.

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FR/CP Lab Coats Sell Sheet

The new FR/CP Lab Coat, featuring Westex® ShieldCXP™, brings together the latest innovations in lab safety to protect wearers against multiple hazards.

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

As an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, participant in numerous industry associations and standards-writing organizations, and owner of numerous trusted brands, Workrite Uniform’s expertise is backed by a steadfast commitment to superior protection and quality.