Workrite FR's New CP Lab Coat

Take Your Chemical-Splash Protection to the Next Level

Chemicals such as corrosive liquids, strong oxidizers and polar organic solvents can cause serious damage if they come into contact with the skin. When working with these chemicals in a laboratory, inadvertent chemical splash is an ever-present risk.

Made with a proprietary chemical-splash protection (CP) technology by Milliken, the cutting-edge, first-of-its-kind Workrite CP lab coat provides comfortable, affordable protection by repelling liquid and preventing penetration and wicking of small amounts of splashed chemicals. Unlike most disposable lab coats and chemical-splash aprons, the CP lab coat is lightweight and breathable. It also offers excellent durability and resists chemical and colorant stains, allowing it to last longer than disposable lab coats as well as many traditional white coats.

Are Workrite CP Lab Coats Right for You?

Download our tech brief to learn more about our chemical-splash protection (CP) products and find out whether Workrite CP lab coats are the right fit for your laboratory.

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Download the sell sheet to get the specs on our new chemical-splash protection (CP) lab coat.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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