Combustible Dust

Quality FR Clothing for Affected Industries

Combustible dust is any particle that, when suspended in air under certain conditions, can catch fire and explode. Some of the industries affected by combustible dust include:

  • Agriculture
  • Food products
  • Chemical
  • Forest and furniture products
  • Metal processing
  • Tire and rubber manufacturing
  • Paper products
  • Textile processing
  • Recycling
  • Coal handling and processing

Hazards and Standards

Flame-resistant (FR) clothing can offer workers valuable protection against the hazards associated with combustible dust. The specific clothing best suited for the job depends on the specific safety standards that apply to your industry.

Visit Workrite Uniform Company’s FR Information website to learn more about combustible dust, as well as the ways FR clothing can help your company protect workers and meet relevant safety standards.

Canada Flame-Resistant Clothing

To meet the diverse needs of the numerous industries affected by combustible dust, Workrite® FR offers a wide selection of FR clothing styles, available in a variety of fabrics and colours, as well as flexible customization options. Each product is built with the quality and long-lasting durability present in all Workrite FR apparel.

Workrite FR Catalog

Consistent and long-lasting, Workrite FR provides exceptional durability, a wide selection of clothing styles and flexible customization options to fit your needs for protection, comfort and long-term value.

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Combustible Dust Tech Brief

This informational guide will give you a brief overview of combustible dust and its hazards, as well as the implementation of new requirements that will change the way risks are managed in industries where combustible dust is an issue.

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