Enjoy a Permanently Wrinkle-Free Uniform
Workrite’s PerfectPress™ Autoclave Process is second-to-none in providing a crisp, professional look and easy, no iron care.

Workrite garments go through a variety of complex and comprehensive manufacturing processes to ensure superior appearance, low maintenance, and remarkable durability.  One of these processes is our proprietary, permanent-press autoclaving technique called PerfectPress™.

All Workrite Nomex® IIIA garments go through this process to achieve a crisp, professional look and easy, no-iron care.  Let’s take a look at the steps involved in the PerfectPress™ process.

Each uniform is pressed before autoclaving to lock in a crisp appearance.  Then, the garments are placed on a rack and checked to assure that no garments are overlaying one another and that there are no wrinkles.  Next, the uniforms undergo the autoclave process—which subjects them to high pressure saturated steam—to become wrinkle free.  Additionally, each garment is 100% inspected twice.

The result is a uniform that maintains a just-pressed appearance after every washing, year after year, extending its wearability period.  Simply wash the garment, pull it out of the dryer, give it a shake, and place it on a hanger.  No ironing is required to achieve that wrinkle-free look.

The primary benefits of PerfectPress™ include:

– Improves garment appearance even after many launderings
– Improves permanent press performance over the life of the garment
– Eliminates seam puckering caused by differential shrinkage of thread
– Reduces fabric shrinkage in laundering
– Eliminates differential shrinkage in different areas of garment
– Permanently heat-sets creases

For more information on PerfectPress™, contact one of our Regional Sales Managers.