Fire doesn’t take a holiday during the winter. As winter colds chill weather across the country, oil & gas contractors, utility workers, and others working in hazardous environments still must go to work.

Keeping warm while also protecting yourself from the elements means paying attention to the Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET). Our bodies generate more heat when working and burning calories, so the more laborious the work, the warmer you are in cool temperatures.

FR Cold Weather Clothing
The below Workrite garments have been temperature rated using testing procedures established by ASTM F2732, using a 4 MET level. These clothes can keep you warm while working in cold conditions.

Insulated Thinsulate Field Coat (528UT11) 0°F – With an outer shell made from 11-oz Ultrasoft Duck and a 9.9-oz 3M Thinsulate insulation, this field coat provides arc protection and flame resistance in temperatures as cold as zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Insulated Hooded Jacket (368UT11) -2°F – Providing similar fire and electrical hazard protection as the field coat above, this hooded jacket protects you from an extra two degrees below zero, working at a brisk walking pace.

Insulated Parka without Hood (510UT70) -2°F – This insulated parka also provides good FR or electrical arc protection, while maintaining body warmth in subzero temperatures.

Insulated Parka with Insulated Hood (510NX60, 577NX60) -11°F – The Nomex insulated parka with a hood added provides additional insulation, with comparable flame, heat, and electric arc protection, while preserving body heat down to 11 degrees below zero. The optional hood attachment fits over any standard hard-shell helmet or hardhat.

In even more extreme weather, clothing combinations are necessary. These FR combos provide full-body protection (minus feet, face, and hands) 40+ degrees below zero.

Jacket over Insulated Jacket/Liner with Insulated Hood over Insulated Bib (322UT11, 530UT70, 577UT11, 580UT11) -44°F – In extreme temperatures, layering clothing is a good way to provide full protection in the event any one piece is compromised. The outer shell/hood and insulated bib coveralls are made of the same material and the inner jacket works great on its own or underneath the outer shell to provide protection up to 44 degrees below zero.

Insulated Parka with Insulated Hood over Insulated Bib (510NX60, 577NX60, 580NX60) -46°F – This Nomex outfit is comprised of a parka over an insulated bib with an optional hood. Providing protection of 46 degrees below zero.

Jacket over Insulated Jacket/Liner with Insulated Hood over Insulated Bib (320NX60, 530NX45, 577NX60, 580NX60) -48°F – With an arc rating between 37 and 42, and PPE categories 3 and 4, this combination can preserve body heat down to 48 degrees below zero.

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