The revisions to OSHA 29 CFR1910.269 place greater responsibilities upon employers than ever. Volatile fibers are out, FR clothing is in, and the importance of arc flash assessment is paramount.

Sometimes regulations are seen as burdensome, expensive, and stressful. However, the fact is that OSHA regulations promote safety, responsibility, and good business; and these updated guidelines couldn’t come fast enough.

Here are some reasons why following the new rules can spell good news for your business and your employees:


Since its inception in 1970, OSHA has seen workplace fatalities cut by 65% and injuries cut by 67%.

That’s no small boast, especially considering the American workforce has doubled during its tenure. However, the recent changes to 1910.269 address a long, overlooked gap in safety. Proper protection from arc flash and electrocution is no trivial matter.

OSHA regulations have always striven to get people home as safely as possible, and it benefits both employees and employers significantly to abide by them.


Despite the upfront cost of buying FR clothing, compliance with OSHA has been shown to save businesses money in the long run. As long as employers are providing safe working conditions and following the letter of the law, their financial risk is reduced dramatically.

A recent study found that businesses inspected by OSHA had a subsequent 26% drop in compensation costs and a 9.4% drop in injury claims. The study further concluded that the average business saved $355,000 following an OSHA inspection.

So think of OSHA as a profitable nudge back onto the straight and narrow. FR clothing helps save money and lives!


A safe worker is a happy worker. When risk is assessed and protection is provided, you’re showing your employees that you care about them. In exchange, your employees will work harder and show greater loyalty to the company – without having to worry for their safety and well-being.

Give your employees high quality FR clothing protection money can buy. Workrite has been making quality FR clothing for over 40 years, and we’ve established a reputation as an industry leader. Visit us today. Together we can turn compliance into corporate advantage and a culture of safety.