Did you know that flame resistant clothes are vital to many work zones? FR clothes keep employees safer while protecting your business. Find out more.

OSHA regulation 1910.269 is a reality, and it includes important mandates on protective clothing. And there’s no laxity: “Protective clothing and equipment shall cover the employee’s entire body.”

That passes a lot of responsibility onto employers. But before it starts seeming like another bureaucratic headache, consider the spirit of the regulation. It’s merely confirming the importance of FR clothing, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Let’s take a moment to remember the great things proper FR clothing does.

Helps Provide Employee Safety
The key to FR clothing is getting workers through their day with minimal potential for burn injuries. Obvious, but impossible to overstate. An industrial workplace is non-traditional and has non-traditional dangers. But in the ebb and flow of a typical workday, it can be easy to become complacent and potentially underestimate risks.

Take arc flashes. Each year, arc flashes send over 2,000 people to burn units. An arc flash has the potential to reach temperatures of up to 35,000° fahrenheit. In this context, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of FR workwear protection that minimizes burn injuries. And that’s just one example of the potential burn risks in an industrial setting.

Bottom line, proper protection from accidental flash fire and arc flash events is critical for both employees and employers. Keep your people in reliable FR clothing.

Encourages A Culture of Safety
FR clothing is a constant reminder to maintain vigil in the workplace.

Again, it’s so easy to forget that a split second can change lives for the worse. A strict FR clothing policy helps keep everyone in the moment, on task, and hyper-aware of the safety risks at hand.

Life is precious and there are many industrial work environments that are full of dangers. Maintaining a culture of safety and encouraging awareness and caution can help provide protection against flash fire and arc flash events.

Protects your Business
Does the upfront cost override the importance of FR clothing? Of course not. This is not a business expense to overlook – employee safety is critical to any successful business.

Work-related injuries can cost businesses dearly. Sidelining employees’ skills can delay projects, which injures the business and its credibility. And that’s not even contemplating the accident claims, legal fees, and medical costs that can be incurred.

Then there’s OSHA. The fines, interruptions, and increased inspections certainly aren’t going to grow your business. And there’s nothing like an OSHA press release to tell potential clients to shop elsewhere.

Besides the financial ramifications, there’s no need to gamble on safety and well-being when FR Clothing is so readily available for purchase. Injuries incurred on the job hurts employees, employers, and the businesses they represent.

The Workrite Solution
At Workrite, we thoroughly understand the importance of FR clothing. Our product lines send messages, protect solvency, and keep people intact. We’ve been a trusted name for 40 years, and we’d love to show you why. Visit us today, and together we’ll keep workers safer and businesses secure.