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It’s 2016, and that means we’re releasing some new clothing options with the most advanced FR technology available. It’s not all about utility, however. FR clothing styles constantly change, so if we don’t carry something you want, be sure to check back later as we’re frequently adding new options.

Women’s Industrial Garments

There’s no need for women to wear loose-fitting FR clothing designed for men. Workrite’s new 9.5 oz Ultrasoft Women’s Industrial Pant (409UT95) is designed for women’s waist and hip sizes to ensure a proper fit. These pants have been fully tested and carry an ARC rating of 12.4 and PPE category 2. The style 7 oz. Ultrasoft Women’s shirt (291UT70) was also updated for a more flattering fit.

Also, the Nomex IIIA Women’s industrial pant (401NX75) and Long Sleeve Women’s Western-style Shirt (221NX45) were updated to a true women’s cut.

Women’s Fire Service Garments

Fighting fires is a tough job, and tough clothing is needed to handle the heat. For the fire chief, we now have the Nomex IIIA Short Sleeve Women’s Fire Chief Shirt (701NX45), which can be paired with the Nomex IIIA Women’s Industrial Pant (401NX75) for a stylish, yet sleek, fire-fighting uniform.

These clothes provide an extra layer of flame protection underneath your turnout gear, but can also be worn around the station or while off-duty.

Men’s/Women’s ShieldCXP Lab Coats

LBP_3108 copyIn the first quarter of 2016, we’ll be releasing new ShieldCXP lab coats for men and women. Not only do these lab coats provide a level of flame resistance, but they also help keep your body protected from an inadvertent chemical splash, making them a great all-purpose lab coat for universities and other scientific and chemical laboratories.

Men’s/Women’s FR Outerwear

In addition to our focus on lab coats, we’ll be releasing new outerwear designed to help protect workers from the forces of nature.

Utility workers spend most time out in the field, and they can face any possible weather conditions. Our goal is to ensure these rugged workers are able to complete their job under any conditions, rain or shine. Providing water-resistant, wind-resistant, and cold-blocking options in addition to FR, and electric arc flash, protective garments provides the most complete protection possible.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, so if you have any suggestions of styles or specifications you need, please don’t hesitate to let us know.