So you’ve been in your position for years without accident or injury. That is great news.

But please don’t let your guard down. Many modern, industrialized environments are fraught with thermal and electrical burning hazards. So before you neglect proper vigilance, here are some reminders as to why FR clothes are critical.

1.   Reduce the Risk of Ignition

What materials go into your clothing? Check your closet and you’ll probably find a wide variety of untreated and potentially dangerous materials. While that’s fine outside of the workplace, these materials are far too easy to ignite in an industrial setting. One lapse of carelessness near molten splatter or an open panel has the potential to ignite untreated clothing in a flash.

FR clothing resists this, as well as minimizing burn injury and significantly increasing your odds of survival. If that can’t demonstrate why FR clothes are critical, we don’t know what can.

2.   Provide Reaction Time

A common misconception about FR clothing is that it completely prevents the risk of burns. Unfortunately, that’s not true. FR clothing does reduce burn injuries significantly compared to conventional fibers. However, no workwear fabric can prevent burn injury completely. This reduction of risk can mean the difference between life and death in some cases, and it also helps encourage safety in high-danger environments.

For example, FR clothing is designed to protect against momentary thermal exposures and the residual effects of a flash fires . But in the dangerous event you’re in the vicinity of such a hazard, FR clothing gives you invaluable protection. Since it doesn’t ignite, you have precious time to escape the fire area.

3.   Protect Your Employees and Your Costs

OSHA requires that your employer provide you protection against known hazards. Your employees are invaluable assets, and injuries can get very costly. It’s imperative for both employers and employees to take all the right steps in avoiding clothing ignition.

The cost of safety can never be too high in industries with known hazards, so it’s critical to protect your employees, protect your business, and protect your costs. Quality FR clothing does just that.

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