Working at a fire station is a full-time job. When not battling fires, firefighters are cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, studying, and training. Despite this busy schedule, there’s bound to be a little spare time while at the station.

If you’re looking for something to do to stay occupied in the fire station, try one of these 10 ideas:

1. Answer Quora Questions

Quora is a question/answer website where experts can impart their knowledge for curious beginners. Even President Obama is on the site, helping explain foreign policy and other Presidential matters to his constituents. Create an account and start answering firefighting questions the general public has.

2. Play a Simulation

Video games help train real-world situations without danger. Whether consumer or professional, firefighter simulations are a great way to relax while training. Check one out and test it for accuracy. If it’s not accurate, write the company with suggestions to change.

3. Strength Training

It’s important for a firefighter to be in peak physical condition. This is why firefighters always tend to beat policemen in competitive sports. Maintain the strength needed to carry a hose up a ladder and a trapped person back down by lifting weights and doing strength training.

4. Retrain on Equipment

Firefighter gear changes all the time. It’s important to be intimately familiar with all equipment, and extra training never hurt anyone.

5. Go for a Walk

Walking improves blood circulation, energizing the body and mind. Instead of going stir-crazy sitting in one place, go for a brisk walk to get your mind and body together.

6. Earn an Online Degree

Just because you’re fighting fires doesn’t mean you can’t also study for a future career. There are thousands of accredited institutions offering online degrees. Use spare time to improve your education and odds of making more money.

7. Practice Medical Procedures

More than fighting fires, firefighters often find themselves helping out in emergency medical situations. Make sure you’re comfortable with CPR and other life-saving techniques. If there’s not a dummy available to practice on, find a coworker.

8. Get Certified

There’s always another certification you can get. An EMT certification is an obvious one, and training classes are always available for firefighters to increase their skillset.

9. Get to Know the Community

Nobody needs a reminder that firefighters are heroes protecting our community, but many people may never have met a firefighter. Invite the community to come tour the fire station and meet with the team keeping them safe.

10. Sleep

When all else fails, close your eyes and take a nap. Just be prepared to be woken up by an alarm and having to spring into action.

There’s not a fire every day, despite how the summer wildfires make it seem. There’s going to be some downtime at the station between calls, chores, and work tasks. When you find yourself with nothing to do, run through this list for some ideas. Got a smart phone handy? We’ve also listed some apps firefighters may enjoy while on break.