The temperature rating for each of the Workrite flame-resistant clothing styles listed below has been established by testing to ASTM F2732 Standard Practice for Determining the Temperature Ratings of Cold Weather Clothing. These ratings are based on the insulation value of the garment ensemble, over basic workwear, at a particular activity level referred to as Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET).

And don’t forget – they can protect you from the cold, but more importantly these clothing combinations can protect you from the thermal hazards that you face on the job.

The body generates more heat when you work harder, so with harder work or a higher activity level, you’ll be able to work in colder temperatures. For our garment ensemble temperature ratings, the lower temperature range is at 4 MET which is a moderate activity level (walking at a fast pace), while the higher range is at 2 MET which is a light activity level (walking slowly).

The ratings represent the ambient temperature at which a wearer will remain thermally neutral (neither gaining nor losing heat to the environment) when wearing the combination of jacket, bib and hood styles listed, at that particular activity level.

Temperature Ratings for Garment Combinations

Insulated Garment Combinations

Temperature Ratings

(At 4 MET and 2 MET)

Insulated Hooded Jacket over Insulated Bib — 368UT11 over 580UT11

-33º F to 31º F

Insulated Parka over Insulated Bib — 510UT70 over 580UT70

-27º F to 34º F

Insulated Thinsulate™ Field Coat over Thinsulate™  Bib — 528UT11 over 588UT11

-35º F to 30º F

Jacket over Insulated Jacket/Liner with Insulated Hood over Insulated Bib — 322UT11, 530UT70, 577UT11 and 580UT11

-44º F to 25º F

-Mark Saner