The dry summer months are coming to a close, but the danger of late season fires keeps a constant strain on men and women who already battled blazes throughout the country all summer, especially in northern California, where especially large fires drew firefighters from surrounding states to contain them.

Firefighters don’t have an easy job – long hours, strenuous training, and working in extreme heat, both from flames and the sun itself can take a toll. It takes peak physical conditioning and military discipline to overcome nature’s most dangerous obstacles in order to keep our cities, towns, landscape, wildlife, and citizens safe.

Whether at the station or out in the field, firefighters take pride in their appearance, with tight haircuts and clean lines in all their clothes. Clothing is an important tool in the firefighter’s gear stash, and multi-purpose clothing provides extra layers of protection, whether at work or play.

Firefighting Gear

Individual fire stations typically provide FR work uniforms and turnout gear, which can cost $10,000 or more. Any firefighter knows their uniform is a vital layer of protection from flames and heat. The coat, pants, and helmet help keep the firefighter safe while carrying out his or her duty in some of the world’s most extreme conditions.

While this outer layer of turnout gear is like iron, many firefighters prefer to add additional layers of protection by also wearing FR clothing underneath. Much like how NASA astronauts have backup systems and processes in place, firefighters focus on safety with gear they can count on.

Station Wear

Now firefighters can wear the same clean-pressed look with the added protection of flame resistance. FR station wear is made of some of the same textiles used to create turnout gear, and can be worn underneath to provide an extra level of safety in case problems arise in the field.

This is why Workrite provides the latest selection of FR station wear at affordable prices, to help keep firefighters looking good while improving their safety on the job.