There are two types of flame-resistant fabrics; inherent and treated. Below is a quick explanation of their key differences.

Inherent FR Fabric –
The FR properties in inherent fabrics are built into the chemical structure of the yarn fibers that are used to make the fabric and cannot be washed out or worn out.

Benefits: FR properties cannot be removed, long wear life and improved performance in laundries.
Drawbacks: Increased cost, some report diminished comfort.

FR Treated Fabric –
FR Treated Fabrics such as cotton and cotton blends are flammable fabrics that are treated with fire-retardant chemicals to make them flame-resistant. Penetrating the chemicals into the core of the fibers adds to the long-term durability of the flame-resistance, while surface treatment does not.

Benefits: Softer hand, increased color availability, price point.
Drawbacks: FR properties may diminish depending on the treatment process and laundering methods, shorter wear life.

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