Manufacturing Flame-Resistant Apparel

TW Special Report
Flame-resistant (FR) apparel is crucial for industries in which employees face the risk of their clothes igniting. Using FR clothing could make the difference in saving a life because it self-extinguishes, reduces the severity of burn injuries and provides the worker valuable escape time in a disaster. Minimizing body burn injuries by wearing quality FR protective apparel dramatically increases the worker’s chance of survival.

Workrite Uniform Co. Inc. — a business-to-business (B2B) affiliate of Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Co. and workwear manufacturer of Workrite FR, Dickies FR and Walls FR brands — has created a strategic process known as Fabric to FR to ensure quality and accountability in the production of its garments. In 2008, Workrite Uniform developed its quality alliance team –– consisting of executives and managers from each manufacturing touch point, from third-party fabric mills to Workrite Uniform-owned distribution centers –– to regularly assess the Fabric to FR process and make improvements where needed.  Read more…