Flame-Resistant or FR outerwear is a commonly used piece of protective clothing by almost all industries wearing FR daily wear. The need for these FR wearers to also wear a piece of FR outerwear comes directly from the applicable safety standards. Both flash fire and arc flash standards require the outer most layer of clothing be FR. Throwing on any old jacket over FR clothing defeats the purpose of wearing FR and would not be in compliance with those safety standards. For example, NFPA 70E section 130.7(C)(11)(b) specifically states “Garments worn as outer layers over FR clothing, such as jackets or rainwear, shall also be made from FR materials.” So when that maintenance worker wearing an FR shirt and pants needs to go outside to check a circuit box on a cold November morning, he needs an FR jacket not just a regular work jacket.

We have seen increased demand for outerwear in the past few years.  Outerwear styles and options continue to grow; encompassing traditional twills, but also fleeces and duck fabrics.  At Workrite, you can now get jackets, sweatshirts, and insulated parkas in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles. Below outlines our offering which is intended to appeal to a broad variety of customers:  

Styles Colors
Work Jacket Navy, Royal, Red, Spruce
Bomber Jacket Navy, Royal, Khaki, Red, Charcoal, Brown Duck
Athletic Jacket & Vest / Liner Black
Polar Fleece Navy
Parka Navy, Royal, Red, Orange
Field Coat Navy, Royal, Brown Duck
Hoodie Navy, Orange
Crew Neck Sweatshirt Navy
Zipper Front Sweatshirt Navy, Orange
Hooded Jacket Black
Insulated Hooded Jacket Navy

Also remember outerwear is not just for the winter season. There are lighter weight jackets for the fall and evenings. There are also jacket styles with zip-in liners for that 3 in 1 concept that adds versatility. (1 – The base jacket can be worn for cool weather. 2 – The insulated liner can be worn as a jacket when the temperature drops. 3 – And you can zip the liner into the base jacket for even colder days). And there are styles with built-in hoods or snap on hoods.

Because outerwear can take a beating it needs to be built tough enough to take the abuse it is likely to see. So what to do look for in high quality FR outerwear? You start with high quality fabrics like Nomex IIIA or Westex Ultra Soft. You add the use of only FR components like insulation, liners, collars, cuffs, zipper tape, and draw strings. And you finish with durable construction techniques like high stitch counts, heavy duty seam construction, reinforced snaps and pockets, and double needle stitched zippers. All of these characteristics are found in Workrite outerwear.   

That’s why Workrite outerwear is know for its durability and long wear life. They look good, fit well and last. With all the Workrite styles, fabrics and colors available, you’re bound to find one that meets the customer’s needs.  

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