Déjà vu?! Read on…

The Federal Governments Unified Agenda was just published and includes the status of the pending OSHA combustible dust rule. The agenda states:

“OSHA has also delayed action to protect workers from combustible dust. This rule-making was listed in the “pre-rule” stage in the spring 2014 agenda, with a small business review panel expected to convene this month. Unfortunately, OSHA has moved the rule to the long-term actions category and has delayed convening the review panel until February 2016. Given that the review panel process must occur before the agency even finishes developing a proposed rule, delaying the review panel for more than a year indicates that a final rule will not be issued for several years.”

The small business economic impact study (SBREFA) is now schedule for February 2016. Who knows how long after that an actual rule will be published.

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