I’m currently in Atlanta, GA for the ASTM F23 meeting.  My task group is developing a guide for Combustible Dust hazards, and we discussed the latest draft. The draft was reviewed and a number of minor changes suggested. The plan is to update the draft with the suggested changes and distribute for final comments prior to submitting for balloting.

It was noted that OSHA has moved the combustible dust rule making process to long term action status which could mean the rule isn’t coming out anytime soon. The next step is for OSHA to complete the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act  (SBREFA). We just don’t know when it will be completed, and neither does OSHA.

The NFPA is also looking to initiate a new committee to consolidate their multiple combustible dust standards. We’ll see where that goes in the coming months.

We’ll keep track of the status of both OSHA’s and NFPA’s progress and post and update here once we get information.

– Mark