I recently returned from an NFPA 1975 Station Wear standard committee meeting. This meeting was for the purpose of reviewing public comments on the first draft revision to NFPA 1975. This revision is scheduled to be published in November 2013.
The proposed changes that will likely go through include:

• Title change to “Work Apparel for Emergency Services” – the word station/work uniform is being changed throughout the standard to work apparel.
• The required labeling on the garment is being changed somewhat and will include a statement about meeting the “Base Level” requirements plus either words or symbols of the optional requirements like FR.
• There are several other optional requirement areas being added, with requirements for each. Those include: odor control (antimicrobial), water resistance, insect repellency.
• The timing on label changing will be the November 2013 published date plus 12 months.
• They have proposed to remove the section requiring FR garments to use inherently FR thread. They feel the heat resistance test for thread, which applies to all garments, is sufficient
• There will be a change to the thermal shrinkage test related to knits. The current requirement uses a stretching frame in a way that is problematic for knits. That will now be an optional requirement, as it should have been all along.
• Numerous corrections and clarification of existing language were also dealt with.