Workrite is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, 9001:2008 certification assures that products and processes meet documented standards of quality and consistency. ISO 9001 certification encompasses a comprehensive breadth of operations, including procurement of materials, design and development, product manufacturing, installation, final inspection and testing, employee training and servicing customers.

 ISO certification requires that a company set up and document its procedures, then hold itself accountable for complying with them.

Workrite requires our suppliers to maintain extensive documentation about their products, such as manufacturing date, lot designation, specific product characteristics and test results.

 As a result, our own internal processes are equally stringent. For example, every garment we sell can be traced back to specific fabric lots and components using a unique Workrite lot number. If needed, Workrite can trace each garment back to the specific materials from which it was made.

Workrite strongly supports the ISO process, and believes that we have benefited greatly from this 3rd-party certification

Workrite achieved a “Best Practice” designation related to goals for our quality objective processes. TUV, our ISO certifying organization, awards a Best Practice designation in less than 5% of the companies it audits.

Because of this certification, you can count on Workrite’s garments to be of the highest quality time and time again.