Caring for your flame resistant clothing is a simple activity that can help to ensure the life and protective properties of your FR uniform. When thinking about how to care for flame resistant clothing, here are a few basic things that you should not do:

  •         Do not use chlorine bleach.
  •         Do not use hydrogen peroxide.
  •         Do not use starch.
  •         Do not use soap or other non-detergent.
  •         Do not use fabric softener.
  •         Do not over dry or dry too hot. Fabric shrinkage may occur.

With those rules mind, here are some additional tips on how to care for flame resistant clothing:

Routine Laundry

Garment care instructions: The most specific instructions for how to care for flame resistant clothing can be found on the garment tag of your FR clothing. Follow the instructions found on this tag above all else. Workrite also provides comprehensive garment care instructions for our fabrics.

Wash Separately: Launder your FR clothing separately from your non-FR clothing. This helps to both prevent lint from transferring from your normal clothes onto your FR clothing (which could potentially cause a safety issue) and protects your normal clothing from any possible contaminates found on your FR work clothing. Additionally, you should wash your light and dark FR clothing separately as well to prevent color transfer.

Detergent: Common household detergents are fine to use to care for flame resistant clothing. Try to select detergents that do not have scents or special fabric treatments if possible.

Drying: Shrinkage of your FR clothing is possible. To prevent this, remove the garment from the dryer immediately after drying.

Removing Oils and Stains

It is important to remove any oils and flammable contaminates from your FR clothing before each use. If ignited, even with FR fabric, these flammable contaminates will burn until they are gone and could potentially cause injury. Here are some additional tips for removing oils and greases from your FR clothing:

Pre-treatment: Using a spot-treatment or other pre-treatment solution can help to remove stains and heavy oil deposits from your FR clothing.

Soft water is best: Hard water can leave deposits on your flame resistant clothing and limit your laundry detergent’s ability to remove tough stains on your clothing. If possible, wash your flame resistant clothing with soft water.

Hot water: Washing your FR clothing with the hottest water allowed (as stated on your garment care tag) will help to remove oil and grease.

Quick check: After removing your FR clothing from the dryer, check to ensure that all oil stains, large lint deposits, or other flammable materials have been removed from your garment.

Following these simple rules and best practices are all you need to properly care for your FR clothing.