Working on an oil rig is a grueling job. Climbing perilous scaffoldings and performing mechanical work while rocking on the ocean can quickly drain a person’s energy.

Fight fatigue on an oil rig by trying some of these tried and true methods to reenergize.

1. Exercise

It may seem counterproductive, but exercise has been shown to increase energy levels. A regular morning workout will provide the energy necessary to get through even the most rigorous schedule.

WebMD lists a few exercise routines designed to boost energy and fight fatigue on its website.

2. Rehydrate

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when working a physically demanding job. Drinking water along with electrolyte replenishing fluids will keep you healthy and hydrated. While items like coffee and soda may give you an energy boost, they often dehydrate the body – be careful with beverages like these.

3. Eat Right

Changing your diet can increase energy. Fish and whole grains provide energy, and eating smaller meals throughout the day keeps the body’s metabolism going. Keep food on you and snack throughout the day in order to fight fatigue before it happens.

4. Sleep

Sleep is how people regain energy. It’s important to sleep a full 8 hours every night. While it’s tempting to push through and get the job done on an oil rig, be sure to go to bed every night and rest to proactively stop fatigue.

Working on an oil rig isn’t easy – it takes a lot of energy to keep working through such hazardous conditions. Daily exercise, regular sleep, and a proper diet can keep you energized through a tough day.

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