The first rule of FR fabric maintenance is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s care label when laundering FR clothing. Many FR fabrics require mild wash and dry conditions to maximize the life of the garment. Generally, however, all FR fabrics and clothing require the same basic care:

  • – Wash new FR clothing items prior to wearing.
  • – Wash FR clothing separately from standard clothing.
  • – Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • – Make sure FR clothing items are clean and in proper repair before each wearing.
  • – Remove oils and flammable contaminants from your FRC’s. Flammable contaminants may act as a fuel source, increasing the potential severity of a burn injury.
  • – Repair clothing using “like materials.” Use FR fabric, thread and garment components. Return the clothing item to the manufacturer for repair, or use an authorized FR repair facility.

Curious about how to care for a specific fabric? Click here to view comprehensive wash instructions for the FR fabrics that Workrite uses to construct our clothing.