Our very own Shannon Sauls, regional account executive for the Southeast region, provided this wonderful wrap-up of the FDIC show last month. Thank you so much Shannon for the great account of the show!

Indianapolis, April 2012

Pipers piped. Flags waved. Ladders were Raised, and nearly 30,000 registered attendees filled the Indiana convention center along with 800 rows of vendors that contributed to this year’s 2012 FDIC conference.  Troy Landry of reality TV’s “Swamp People” also graced the show with his famous “Choot em!” slogan and many other celebrities and professional Athletes attended .  This year’s theme again was “Where Leaders Come to Train”, and Workrite Uniforms, as the flame retardant station wear leader received a hero’s welcome at booth 332 in Indianapolis. 

The environment was incredibly exciting with fire service representatives from over 40 countries in attendance!   Nearly a billion dollars in equipment was displayed throughout the most highly attended fire show in the world.  As one of FDIC’s partners, Workrite Uniforms  had over 20 department to come into our booth and say “ Thank you for making a great product, I have been in the same garment for (6,7,8 and our longest…9! years) [compliments of Dan Dupree of Cobb County, GA.]   Of course we replied, “You are worth it!”  But as people approached Workrite’s booth , I wanted to hear why they chose Workrite for their station wear uniforms.  Compiled for your reading pleasure are the top responses as stated by our customers:

5. “Workrite has better colorfastness- No purple tint”

4. “Easy to maintain.  Just take it out of the dryer and it looks ironed”

3. “It’s what my department always specifies by brand”

2. “It lasts longer than anything else we have used”

1. “It was the least expensive to own, because it lasts so long”

Here are some numbers for your consideration.  There are 32,000 departments throughout the U.S.  76% of these departments are volunteer or combination departments.  The remaining 24% of these departments are covering 86% of the nation’s population.  The macro trend is that career departments are increasing.  Within these career departments, compliant station wear uniforms are increasing.  This brings me to a specific point.  Workrite Uniforms continues to be the garments of choice for career departments selecting NFPA compliant station wear uniforms!  To the departments who are already using Workrite Uniforms for your station wear programs, we both salute and thank you.  To the departments who are not yet specifying Workrite, we encourage you!  Try them once, and you will immediately understand why your peers choose Workrite! 

I almost forgot, you do not want to miss this link to this most amazing bagpipe opening!  Although this from the 2011 session, it is still a most moving entrance and color presentation!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W24a3e2mABo&feature=related    If you have any video from this year’s pipe band, please let us know!