Hi there – I’m currently in Florida for the Fall meeting of ASTM F18. I just wanted to share some quick updates  from the morning session.

NFPA 70E Update – Key changes discussed included:
1. the fact that non-FR under layers cannot be counted towards the arc rating of a multi-layered system.
2. HRC 2 and 2* have been combined which means wearers need to wear a face shield and FR balaclava or arc flash hood.
3. The F1506 proposed labeling wording to include fabric and fabric manufacturer identification information was discussed and the wording will be submitted for ballot.

I’ll keep posting any further updates from the meeting.


– ASTM F1959 Arc Test method revision task group met and discussed the revisions being developed, including looking at changing the positioning of the sensors.
The proposed glove test method revisions were discussed again and will be balloted soon.
There was a discussion about the need for a different arc flash test method that deals with the arc plasma commonly found during arc incidents, when working in an enclosure.
There was a discussion about whether or not to add requirements for reflective trim into F1506.