Embroidery and Name Tag Requirements
It is often asked if the embroidery, patches, logos, name tags etc. on an FR garment are required to be FR. The standard for electric arc protection does not specifically answer this question, but the statements it makes can lead to an answer. The standard for flash fire protection is much more specific.  What do the FR Standards Say? 

The two key standards for FR clothing are ASTM F1506 “Flame Resistant Textile Materials for Wearing Apparel for use by Electrical Workers Exposed to Momentary Electric Arc and Related Thermal Hazards”, and NFPA 2112 “Flame Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire”.

ASTM F1506: In section 6.1.1 the standard states “Sewing thread utilized in the construction of the garment shall be made of an inherently flame resistant fiber and shall not melt”. This section specifically refers to construction thread not embroidery. The inference is, because embroidery thread is not construction thread, it does not have to be FR.

In addition, in Appendix X1.2.5 it states “Logos, name tags, and other heraldry, such as flag patches and company award insignias, are used to identify the organization and individual. If these items are constructed of non-flame resistant materials (such as polyester or rayon), their overall area should be minimized on the garment”. This appendix statement although not mandatory does allow for non-FR name tags as long as it is does not cover a large area.

NFPA 2112: In section the standard states “Labels and emblems shall not be required to be tested for heat resistance”. The lack of need to test labels and emblems would indicate they are not required to be FR. The standards definition of an emblem is “Shields, heraldry, or printing that designates a governmental entity or a specific organization; rank, title, position, or other professional status that is painted, screened, embroidered, sewn, glued, bonded, or otherwise attached in a permanent manner”

In addition in section 7.2 Thread Requirements, it states “Specimens of all sewing thread utilized in the construction of flame resistant garments, excluding embroidery, shall be made of an inherently flame resistant fiber”. This statement specifically excludes the need for embroidery to be FR.


In both standards, either directly or indirectly the use of FR thread for embroidery and/or name tags is not a requirement and has been the norm of the industry.

Workrite’s Position

Based on the above interpretation of the standards, Workrite has always taken the position that the use of FR thread for embroidery and name tags is not required and would have little or no effect on the protection of the wearer. In addition it is felt that using non-FR thread to sew on a non-FR name tag is preferable, because if exposed to a flame, the thread will burn off quickly allowing the name tag to fall off, rather than stay on while burning. Additionally we will not use and do not recommend the use of filament thread as it has the potential to be irritating to the skin and can melt and drip. However, as part of the Workrite “make-to-order” heritage we can and will provide FR name tags if requested.