Safety Managers and FR wearers alike know the importance of low body burn percentages relative to survival rate, after a burn injury. If a thermal event were to occur, the FR garment would protect you more than non-FR clothing. The chart below, from the American Burn Association, demonstrates the survival rates for various age groups at three different body burn percentages. This chart was recently updated with data ranging from years 2000-2009. The previous chart, many have seen, used data from only years 1991-1993. The data gathered from the longer time period provides a much larger sample size, and therefore, more accurate results. Although the data has changed a bit, the takeaway is the same – lowering body burn percentage increases the chances for survival, which is what wearing FR clothing is all about. Take a look at the chart, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the chart or how it pertains to FR garments.

Thanks – Mark