I just read an interesting article about heat stress in Safety & Health magazine. It was addressing the question “What is the best prevention strategy to help workers avoid heat stress?” The overriding strategy was to have one, but it did address some areas to help.

The article covered the typical prevention measures of taking breaks, getting out of the sun periodically, staying well hydrated, and being educated about the risk factors and warning signs.

It also had a specific section addressing PPE controls. My two key takeaways related to flame-resistant clothing were:

  • Wear broad-brimmed hats and lightweight clothing to reduce direct sun exposure. Flame-resistant clothing can help block the sun, but it should be lightweight.
  • The lightweight clothing should be fast drying.  Sweat adds an insulating layer and causes the body to work even harder to stay cool. You want the flame-resistant clothes to absorb the sweat, but you also want them to dry quickly to avoid the insulation effect of a wet garment.

You can view the full article at:

Avoiding Heat Stress – Safety and Health Magazine