There have been a number of questions recently regarding the changes in the newest revision of NFPA 70E. In the latest e-mail blast from Hugh Hoagland, there was an article referencing the changes; particularly the change to Arc Rated (AR) vs. Flame Resistant (FR). In the article, Hugh makes reference to FR clothing labeled as meeting NFPA 701. NFPA 701 is a test standard related to draperies and curtains only. I have both the article and the scope of NFPA 701 where it clearly spells out that NFPA 701 is for draperies and curtains, not garments. I would be happy to supply them to you if you would like to read them.

The question posed by one of our customer was about NFPA 701 and it’s appropriateness in an FR garment label. We would agree with Hugh Hoagland and the NFPA 70E Committee, that protective garments labeled as FR based on NFPA 701 are not appropriate for use in any of our markets.  

Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions regarding the changes to NFPA 70E.

Thanks – Mark