As the first responders to a variety of emergency situations, firefighters need to be fast-thinking with a wide breadth of knowledge. While FR clothing can help protect against fire and other hazards, a properly loaded smartphone can make a difference too. Here’s a handful of apps firefighters might like to have.

1. Medication Guide

When someone is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated, it’s important to fully understand the situation and gather as much information as possible. Drugs often come up in accidents, and being able to identify a pill quickly is a valuable tool.

The Medication Guide is an easy way to look up drug information, identify pills, check interactions, and set up your own personal records. Costing only 99 cents, and available on both iOS and Android, this medication guide can help any first responder.

2. PulsePoint AED

Crowdsourcing works for some things and fails on others. Crowdsourcing lifesaving information through PulsePoint AED is a no-brainer. This free iOS and Android app collects all AED information for emergency responders, so having it available on a smartphone at all times isn’t a bad idea.

3. Dropbox

Regardless of where you are or what device you’re on, Dropbox’s cloud storage solution ensures you can access vital information when necessary. Available on both Android and iOS, Dropbox streamlines file sharing between multiple users and devices. Not only can the firehouse share data among each other, they can access it from any internet-enabled device.

4. Google Translate

The last thing you need when responding to an emergency situation is to come across a language barrier with the people you’re trying to help. Google Translate is a great app to have handy in the field, where you can translate text and voice between 90 languages without an Internet connection required.

5. Sworkit Lite

Firefighters need to be in shape, but time spent at the station is time away from the gym. While running can be a great alternative, sometimes you want a strengthening workout to challenge and recharge your body. This workout app creates circuits that target different areas of the body—upper body, core, glutes and more. For active users, squeezing in a quick workout is no longer a problem.

Every day, firefighters protect our cities and landscapes from hazards and catastrophes. Helping protect our firefighters is a constant effort, requiring training, technology, and FR clothing. Armed with the apps above, a firefighter is ready to get out in the field and perform.