Workrite has received a number of customer inquiries questioning the need for NFPA 2112 certification at the garment level – particularly cotton and cotton blends. This appears to have been spurred on by the oil & gas contractor drilling and servicing market. The March 2010 FED OSHA memorandum regarding this market was unclear in its reference to NFPA 2112, leaving some in this market under the impression that NFPA 2112 certified garments, at the garment level, is required.

I requested clarification and received a letter from FED OSHA regarding this question but it is still somewhat unclear. However, I have been verbally assured by them that FR garments are not required to be certified to NFPA 2112 at the garment level to meet the FED OSHA requirements.

Workrite already has a comprehensive list of Nomex IIIA and Protera garments certified to NFPA 2112 but to better serve this market we have decided to certify a group of FR cotton and blend styles as well. Click here to view our catalog.

The garments being submitted for certification include commonly purchased Indura and Ultra Soft coveralls, shirts and pants, plus our Dickies FR jeans and our Tecasafe Plus coverall, shirt and pant. This entire group of garments will give us significant coverage for all the various flash fire markets.

If you wish to read the letter sent to me from FED OSHA, please email me at

– Mark