As we move into the last few weeks of the year, I’ll share with you some of the tradeshows that we will be exhibiting at next year. The list is sure to grow, and I’ll make sure to update you on where you can see us. Take a look below:

January Date(s)
IEEE/IAS  1/30-2/3
Daytona Beach, FL 
Firehouse World 2/19-23
San Diego, CA
CSC 3/7-3/9
Las Vegas, NV
Southwest Fire Rescue 3/10-3/15
Frisco, TX
Texas Safety Conference Exp 3/19-3/20
Galveston, TX  
SWESE 4/15
Austin, TX  
FDIC 4/16-4/21
Indianapolis, IN
Michigan Safety Conference 4/17-4/18
Grand Rapids, MI
Region 9 VPPPA 4/4-4/5
Monterey, CA
Spring – EEI 4/28-5/3
Albequerque, NM
Region 7 VPPPA 5/7-5/9
Des Moines, IA
Region 6 VPPPA 5/15-5/18
Ft. Worth, TX
TCC/ACIT Environmental Health & Safety  6/4-6/7
Galveston, TX  
ASSE Safety 6/3-6/6
Denver, CO
Region 1 VPPA 6/11-6/13
Killington, VT
VPPPA Reg. 2 6/17-6/21
Atlantic City,  NJ  
Region 4 VPPPA 6/19-6/21
Chattanooga, TN
East Texas Oilfield 7/8-7/9
Longview, TX  
Fire Rescue International 7/31-8/4
Denver, CO
VPPPA National 8/19-8/23
Anaheim, CA 
Fall  – EEI 10/20-10/24
Birmingham, AL
Lineman’s Rodeo  
Overland Park, KS  
National Safety Council 10/21-10/24
Orlando, FL