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OSHA 1910.269
Not All FR is Created Equal
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New Styles & Featured Garments

A new favorite! This UltraSoft® coverall has two zippered chest pockets for improved storage.

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Thinsulate Outerwear

All the warmth without the weight.

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UL-Certified NFPA 2112

Be sure to look for the label to know you have a quality Workrite Uniform NFPA 2112 certified style.

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Tecasafe Knits

2013 ASSE Attendee Choice Award for Arc Flash Protection! (Long-Sleeve T-Shirt)

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Fire Service Station Wear

Workrite Uniform Station Wear—the leader in FR Station Wear since 1986

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Workrite Uniform Outerwear

Be ready for winter weather with Workrite Uniform Outerwear.

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UL-Certified NFPA 2112 Styles

We have the UL-certified NFPA 2112 garments you need, with 64 new styles just added.

Workrite Uniform has been creating UL-certified NFPA 2112 garments for over a decade to meet the demands of our oil & gas customers who wanted to be sure their garments used all FR components and thread, in addition to meeting other key specifications required for certification at the garment level. We have now added additional styles to our list, including FR cotton-based workwear and non-insulated jackets.

View a complete listing of Workrite Uniform certified garments by style.

Fabric to FR White Paper

See how Workrite Uniform builds a better FR garment. This white paper takes you through our processes that result in top quality, durable FR workwear each and every time.

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FR Webinars

Join Mark Saner, Workrite Uniform's FR Technical Manager, for our in-depth webinars on all things FR.

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FR Dictionary

The FR industry is chock full of terms and acronyms that you need to know.

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Care Information/Tags

FR garments require specific maintenance to ensure maximum safety and durability. Care information for the fabrics we carry is available.

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Evaluation Basics Video

FR Evaluation Basics: Learn The Truth about Flame-Resistant Apparel with our video outlining valuable tips for making an informed purchase

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Evaluation Basics Video

With all the choices out there, developing a flame-resistant garment program is both challenging and expensive.

"FR Evaluation Basics" will help ensure that you know the truth about the FR apparel you may be considering.

How much do you really know about flame-resistant apparel? Our video "FR Evaluation Basics" may surprise you. It discusses three key areas of consideration when evaluating FR garments—protection, comfort and value. You’ll learn about features that offer longer wear life, a key consideration when evaluating a fabrics' ability to deliver long-term protection; fabric comfort and proper sizing; and the total cost of ownership of FR clothing.

Meeting minimum industry standards may not be enough to ensure long-term employee protection. There are a lot of suppliers out there entering the FR arena; this video will give you important questions to ask both clothing manufacturers and suppliers regarding the integrity of the flame-resistant protection their garments are providing.

Latest OSHA Fines

A recap of some of the latest FR related fines enforced by OSHA.

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Tradeshows & Events

Check out our tradeshows and events dates to see when we’re coming to a city near you.

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Petrochemical Technical Brief

Examine hazards, standards, and affected industries in the Petrochemical Technical Brief.

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Combustible Dust Technical Brief

Combustible Dust: Examine risks, affected industries and new NFPA requirements.

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NFPA 2112 Video

Watch our five minute video which outlines the NFPA 2112 standard and associated test methods, including video of ASTM F1930 (Thermal Manikin Test)

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NFPA 70E Brief

Review applicable standards, hazards, industry links and more in our 70E Technical Brief.

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Utilities Brief

Explore the hazards, standards, and NESC requirements in our Utilities brief.

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Workrite Uniform downloads and information for your industry or sector.
  • Utilities

    Electrical transmission, distribution and generation. FR protection for utilities workers.

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    Utitlities - Electrical Transmission, Distribution & Generation

    The Utilities market, largely governed by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), encompasses anyone working on electric transmission, distribution or generation. This market includes the thousands of linesmen potentially exposed to electric arc flashes on a daily basis.

    Industry Specifics
  • Station Wear

    Fire service and NFPA 1975 standards. FR protection for fire departments.

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    Station Wear - Fire Service & NFPA 1975 Standards

    Workrite Uniform's Fire Service station wear conforms to NFPA 1975 and gives firemen an added flame-resistant layer of protection under their turn-out gear. Made from DuPont Nomex IIIA, our station wear meets the highest standards of quality for sharp, professional appearance.

    Industry SpecificsStation Wear Hub
  • Drilling & Well Services

    Oil and gas drilling and well servicers in active hydrocarbon zones, both on and off shore.

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    Drilling & Well Services - Oil & Gas Drilling & Well Servicers

    OSHA issued a memo in March 2010 requiring the use of FR clothing for oil and gas drilling and well servicers while drilling into active hydrocarbon zones, both on and off shore.

    Industry SpecificsDrilling & Well Services Hub
  • NFPA 70E

    Energized electrical equipment or work on energized electrical equipment.

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    NFPA 70E - Energized Electrical Equipment

    NFPA 70E applies to any manufacturing environment with electricians or maintenance staff that perform work on energized electrical equipment. Workrite Uniform pioneered the use of external HRC labels on garments so there is no guessing what level of protection our garment will deliver.

    Industry Specifics
  • Combustible Dust

    Select manufacturing and processing facilities with combustible dust hazards.

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  • Petrochemical

    Potential arc flash, flash fire and thermal hazards in oil and gas industries.

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    Petrochemical - Arc Flash, Flash Fire & Thermal Hazards

    Our protective FR clothing is worn by workers across a wide range of industries that need protection from potential arc flash, flash fire or other thermal hazards at their workplace.

    Industry Specifics

Workrite Uniform has been a trusted manufacturer of flame resistant clothing and station wear for over 40 years. Our fire resistant coveralls and FRC outerwear are proven leaders in our industry, keeping you warm and safe in durable, comfortable garments. Quality is synonymous with Workrite Uniform brands and you’ll never go back to your old fire resistant clothing provider again. Whether you work in petrochemical, utilities or more, we have the time tested FR clothing your tough job requires.